Segmentation through smart data (R Software based)

  • You might be surprises to find the HR digital transition in a value creation portfolio offer...

  •  But in our prospective, introducing the human dimension into value management is a matter of responsibility but also of common sense

Introducing the human in value is a question of responsibility but also of common sense

  • The digital transition is undoubtedly a wonderful opportunity but also a vector of destabilization in the company which sometimes leaves some employees at the edge of the road At NCE, we are convinced that the human factor is a lever of success or a factor of failure in any project aiming at maximizing the value of the company. This is why we rely on a network of experts to help us to complement our offer in order to integrate this dimension in our dialogue with the company.

  • NCE has developed a diagnosis questionnaire with the help of HR and PSR experts and can support the implementation of solutions to its customers thanks to our partners.

  • These services to our clients can take the form of training, advice and support.


  •     Make an honest and true status We have designed an anonymous questionnaire that must be completed online by a random sample of employees that we make ourselves representative by a mix of functions and levels of responsibilities of your company On this basis, we send the results of the questionnaire to the management and analyze it together in a dispassionate steering committee. At this stage, our consulting partner is integrated into the discussion to take over

  •     We establish then a plan of improvement on 5 axes

    o Appropriation of the company's strategy

    o Social dialogue and care of PSR if this dimension is involved

    o Training and development of specific skills

    o Creation of working communities and the use of tools

    o Coaching, tutorials, various support


Digitalisation et RH

  •     HR screwed up by these transformations must be able to react, adapt and support the digital transition of the company which can not succeed without its animation

  • HR will have to:

    o Enhance digital knowledge and know how

    o Digitalize its own processes and provide employees with new tools

    o Distinguish "must have" from "nice to have" and integrate business and human dimensions

    o We propose to help the HR in this work thanks to our partner

     Support will:

    o Set the ambition of digital transition and get to a “buy in” of the digital culture

    o Set up diagnosis of HR and get digital skills

    o Measure effort and choose priorities for action

    o Define development projects, design an implementation trajectory

    o Support end-users

  •     We can help you and your partner

  •     L’accompagnement permettra de : o    Fixer l’ambition de transition numérique et faire adhérer à une culture du digital o    Etablir un diagnostic des RH et obtenir les compétences digitales o    Mesurer l’effort à fournir et choisir ses priorités d’actions o    Définir les chantiers d’évolution, élaborer une trajectoire de mise en oeuvre o    Accompagner les utilisateurs finaux