Because we are a small company and also because smart data and big data are a very competitive field, we decided not to show too much details through our web site. We quickly discovered that our main readers ...are our competitors... This is the reason why we dedicate explanations and demos to our prospects and customers and thus you won't find here many details


In a nutshell, smart data is living a fantastic ramp up with a lot of new start ups, many products and talentuous young entrepreneurs inventing and building new products and softwares. I deeply respect that and congratulate them for contributing to this new world. My only concern is that it is a world of prototypes and by definition it is very expensive because it needs a lot of R&D

Indeed, when I was a potential customer, the solutions that were proposed to me were either too expensive or not totally customized or appropriate

This is the reason why, I had to develop my own data science environement around a free of charge software that was not initially designed for business but for research and scientists: R

Then during the 5 last years I tried to build my own engineering environment software around R to adapt it to the business and companies world


  • We can check, improve or even build your segmentation (customers, providers, products, technical databases, operations, provisioning) because aiming the wrong target with a good team will always spoil energy

  • It will allow you to evaluate what you could win with this new segmentation and help you to decide the adjustments you want to implement

  • It can be applied to technical or operational databases and even to storage and sourcing


No limit expect imagination...

There is no limit to smart data and data science applied to company fields:You can find out a new segmentation regarding your customers, your products, try to predict and evolution