• At NCE our initial background is project and performance management in the industry.

    NCE's commitment to performance management comes from the observation that even in companies or entities considered to be performing, it is still easy to improve the results and their regularity by a dedicated steering.

    In the same way, you have probably noticed that creating and monitoring an indicator leads to its improvement, just because it is monitored and becomes a collective target. The investment for a company to introduce performance management can be very reasonable and the impact is often significant.

    A F1 driver or skier will tell you that technical fine tuning make the difference to come from a high potential to a top level athlete.

  • NCE met cette expertise au service de ses clients sous forme de formation, de conseil et d’accompagnement.

Manage value through a balanced approach between operational and financial performance

  • Performance management, measures the degree of achievement of an objective, and the implementation of a strategy.

  • Activity indicators are used by operational managers, while performance indicators measure the degree of achievement of the objectives defined for an organization.

  • The dashboard is the preferred steering tool for management, which makes it possible to compare the results obtained with the assigned objectives

  • Sometimes performance tools and processes are wholly or partially absent from the company and it is then appropriate to introduce them in an adapted way and in a "step by step" mode

  • Sometimes everything is in place but we have to move from a "declarative" mode to a reliable, objective and automated mode

Our performance management offer

  • Align Strategy and Performance Translate the strategy into performance objectives and then decline the strategy through performance management Choose the assesment criteria

  • Performance indicators and dashboards based on the performance objectives, define the objectives by entities and their indicators. build a global dashboard and dashboard by entity. Make the link with the financial dashboard. build a "balanced score card" (financial performance, customer satisfaction, processes, skills and innovation)

  • Performance management Define and implement a minimalist but effective steering system Joint draft it to have the right level of buy-in Launch the Operational Committee and find the connection with the decision-making level

  • Forecasting and realization Make the link in the tools between forecast and results Putting the operating committee from a culture of simple escalation of critical issues to a committee to fill the gaps between forecasting and achievement and fix the issues

Action training as an adapted and personalized response

The courses include a generic part of the performance management, a sectorial key and an application to your specific cases. The training allows you to :
  • Know how to decline strategic objectives in terms of performance objectives

  • Provide concrete answers to the performance management and performance indicators

  • Introduce performance into the strategy

  • Define a scoreboard with the chosen indicators

  • Drive the activity through the dashboard