• The strength of NCE is to be able to emulate the PMO function very quickly wether it is existing but perfectible or not existing.

  • Our originality is to operate by adjustments rather than disruption. Concretely, we start with a questionnaire addressed to the key players in order to make the right diagnosis and we decide together which improvement path will have a strong impact on the company's results.

  • Is it a problem of methodology, of tools, of management framework, KPIs, integration, governance, strategic alignment ?

  • We are flexible enough to help you to set up directly an action plan if you already have a solid diagnosis

  • We do not make project methods a dogmatism. What is interesting for us it to find the best leverages to tune the best improvement rate.

Our project management offer

To support you in your projects management, NCE provides :
  • Advice on the organization and implementation of project management

  • Implementation or improvement of a PMO function (with or without dedicated resource)

  • Project management training

  • Coaching and support on specific projects

  • Technical support in managing deadlines, costs, risks, documentation, tools, sharing

Our PMO offer

  • Ensure that initiated projects are relevant (including validation of benefits) and prioritize them

  • Secure and manage projects with major challenges

  • Provide a real time progress status project with an efficient but simple reporting mode

  • Control the impact of projects on the company and check the balance between projects and production

  • Generate confidence and security among project managers by creating a community

  • Best practise exchange on projects by sharing tools and methods and animating the community

A customized training program to enhance your practise

Training program includes a generic part of the project management because it is important to rely on a good theoritical basis and in particular Prince 2, the critical chain, …

Moreover, we also add a specific add-on of your field (Telecommunications, IT, Bank, Insurance, industry,... Last but not least, there is one part of the training directly built on your "field" cases.

The addressed chapters: fundamentals of project management, governance, the kernel of the methodology (P2, critical chain, ...), communication, tools, subcontracting, closing, risk management, deadlines and documentation